Free Halloween Screensavers

Here you will find only the top quality Free Halloween Screensavers, 100% free and clean desktop themes!




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Ghost Ship Screensaver: this halloween desktop Ghost Ship is a dark and eerie 3D Halloween treat. A lone ship wanders lost in a foggy sea while ghosts of the pirates who once ruled these waters continuously haunt the vessel.
Halloween Haunting Screensaver: Looking for a trick or perhaps a real treat this Halloween? Experience this new Halloween Screen Saver. Watch creepy 3D skulls, evil Jack-O-Lanterns, and scary ghosts fly around your desktops.
Ghost Manor Screensaver: 3D Ghost Manor has 14 scenes including ghosts wandering staircases, floating candelabras and a series of spooky surprises from behind closed doors including a screaming skull,flaming jack-o-lantern, flying ghosts wallpapers and much much more!
Haunted House Horrors Screensaver: This spooky Halloween screen saver will scare you silly! Stick around for floating ghosts, the screeching cat and if you’re brave enough, wait to see what other surprises appear around the ominous haunted house. this haunted house screensaver is sure to please during the Halloween season.
Skellerina Screensaver: Very "Day of the Dead." Skelleria Ballerinas dance to spooky classical music "Night on Bald Mountain". Select various floating 3D animated halloween icons including bones, skulls, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns.